justBe Artworks
Haleh Dehlavi


my name is Haleh Dehlavi and I am a mixed media artist, and just recently a wire sculpturist. I was born in a family of musicians, poets, and visual artists and it seems I had no choice but to continue their legacy.

My artistic journey began with my passion for exploring endless ways of creation with colours, motifs, shapes and textures. I got my bachelor of Arts in Textile Design and Printing over 20 years ago. Back then it was amazing for me to be able to create arts that we can use in our daily lives, such as designing patterns for home fashions and clothing. One of my favorite ways of creating textile designs was through collage which led me to what I'm doing now as a mixed media artist.

Over 5 years ago I came up with my own unique style of mixed media with wire as my signature element. But that wasn't all! from the firts piece I intuitively imprinted "justBe" on very piece as an indication of "Being and Living from Within". I was very excited about it because it opened a whole new chapter in my life. Now, not only I have created a unique style but also each of my works carries a spritual connection within itself. I even called my artwork collection "justBe". Since then my works are expressive and imaginative. I never plan my works ahead. I just improvised. By fostering a deep sense of connection to her inner world, I transforms the energy of my thoughts and feelings to heartfelt lines of wires, shades of colours and textural surfaces. 

Even though each piece of my justBe artwork has a short description that tells the story behind the title, I love when I hear what others see and feel in my work and how deeply it connect with them. And that's one of the best part of being an artist, sharing part of our soul journey and letting others experience the world unseen within us and connecting in an enriched level. 


Bachelor of Arts inTextile Design & Printing
Certification in Interior Decorating, Graduated With High Honors